Teach The Importance of Obedience With Movies

Teaching Obedience And Discipline To Kids

Let’s be real–it’s not easy being a parent. It’s not easy being in a situation or profession that deals with taking care of kids because kids are a weird type of human who has an affinity for putting random things in their mouths. It’s not easy teaching children how to use the toilet or how to eat their greens, and it’s definitely not easy teaching them important values that can lead to their development growing up.

Movies, however, have a special way of capturing the attention of your toddlers and impacting values and lessons upon them in a way that parents sometimes wish they could also do. This is where 123movies can come in and help you with teaching your children the importance of obedience and discipline, among other values.

Recommendations To Watch With Your Kids

One colorful movie to watch with your kids is the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, featuring Johnny Depp as the ever-famous Willy Wonka leading a group of kids and their guardians through his magically ridiculous chocolate factory. Of the five children Willy Wonka guides through the factory, only one constantly heeds his instructions and warnings, while the others disobey and find themselves in a bind: one child gets shrunk, another gets turned into a giant blueberry, and one gets thrown down a garbage chute.

This movie can teach your children the consequences of disobedience of instructions and warnings, and that they might become the heir of a chocolate factory if they follow rules well.

Another movie to watch is Nanny McPhee, a movie about seven unruly siblings that are taught to be responsible and disciplined once the titular Nanny McPhee comes to replace their previous caretakers and change their lives with a little magic.

This movie can teach your children to be careful of the consequences of their actions and to ‘bee-have.’

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